L-TC Co-chairs and contacts (since 2014)


  • Simona Sacone (Simona.Sacone@unige.it), University of Genova, Italy


  • Silvia Siri (silvia.siri@unige.it), University of Genova, Italy

Short description of L-TC

Logistics Services (L-TC)

Logistics has been defined as the science of planning, organizing and managing activities that provide goods or services. Logistics services involve the integration of transportation activities with production, inventory, warehousing, material handling and packaging, and information management. Logistic systems and networks are, then, characterized by a high degree of complexity in terms of organization, administration and technologies, thus requiring focused attention both by researchers and industry partners. The role of the TC is that of promoting awareness of the necessity of high level research with continuous communication and integration with professionals, industry partners and practitioners. It has to foster a community of members willing to advance the science and technology and become a forum for theoretical and practical considerations on logistics activities and their application.

Work Plan for 2017

  • Definition of a list of interested people from academia, industry and institutions to be included in the members list;
  • Organization of a TC meeting during ITSC2017 to discuss and promote activities
  • Dissemination of the TC activities through social media;
  • Organization of a Special Issue on IEEE Transactions on ITS on the main topics of the TC.

Work Plan starting from 2018 The main activities in subsequent years will be:

  • Organization of a yearly TC meeting (during ITSC) to discuss and promote activities;
  • Dissemination of the TC activities through social media;
  • Organization of special sessions and workshops at the ITSS flagship conferences (mainly ITSC) and other international conferences of interest;
  • Organization of Summer Schools for PhD students, researchers and professionals about the main methodological and technology advances in the field;
  • Organization of Special Issues on journals (IEEE Transactions on ITS and others of interest).

Committee Members List

Under definition