MCN-TC Chair and Co-chairs


Prof. C.K. Toh (chair) – National Tsing Hua University, TAIWAN


Prof. Teruo Higashino (co-chair), Osaka University, JAPAN
Prof. Juan-Carlos Cano (co-chair), Polytechnic University of Valenica, SPAIN
Prof. Michele C. Weigle (co-chair), Old Dominion University, USA

Short description of MCN-TC

The IEEE-ITSS TC on “Mobile Communication Networks for ITS” was first proposed by C.K. Toh to IEEE ITS Society in 2005. It was subsequently accepted and approved by IEEE ITS Board of Governors. The TC provides a forum to broadly address the importance and relevance of mobile communications and wireless networking technologies on intelligent transportation systems. Recently, the committee has witnessed the potential of using wireless communications and networking technologies for transportation systems safety. In the future, each automotive vehicle will be a unique node on the global communications network, which will support interactions within the automobile, with the surrounding environment and among automobiles, over smart wireless links, and directly with nearby vehicles. Under this panorama, many potential applications could be supported including safety, health and status of the automobile, user services, traffic congestion relief, passenger entertainment, and better efficient use of the transportation and telecommunications infrastructure. Overall, the mission and goal of this TC is to promote awareness, participation, activities, research, and engineering in the areas of wireless communications, mobile networking, and vehicular-based computing for ITS.

The ITS field is vast and multidisciplinary in nature. Our TC focuses on the wireless, mobility, communications, networks, systems, architectures and standardization aspects. Specifically, our TC covers wireless – such as IEEE802.11p, ITS architectures, and communication protocols – such as CALM, routing, information dissemination, etc. Technologies related to road safety, road congestion and regulation, hazard warning, emergency rescue, telematics, VANETs (Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks), and communications security. At the user level, ITS computing topics include O-T-R (On-The-Road) services, content downloading and sharing systems. Issues related to connected electric vehicles are also considered. The TC also tracks topics on ITS Network Simulation involving detailed modeling of city and road topologies and on future ITS mobile applications.

Work Plan for 2017

Teruo Higashino has served on the workshop chair of 37th IEEE Int. Conf. on Distributed Computing Systems (ICDCS2017) where ITS related topics will be discussed in some workshops. Currently, there is no special plan for ITSS flagship conferences. He has served on PC member of IEEE Vehicular Networking Conference (VNC), and reviewed about 5-6 papers/year submitted to IEEE Trans. on ITS and IEEE Trans. on VT. He has also served on Associate Editor of IEEE Trans. on Mobile Computing (TMC) where many ITS related papers have been handled.

We also have the following web page.

Committee Members List

Prof. C.K. Toh – National Tsing Hua University, TAIWAN
Prof. Teruo Higashino, Osaka University, JAPAN
Prof. Juan-Carlos Cano, Polytechnic University of Valenica, SPAIN
Prof. Michele C. Weigle, Old Dominion University, USA
Prof. Brandon Wu, National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan