Javier J. Sanchez Medina IEEE ITS Society’s VP for Technical Activities

Welcome to the IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems Society‘s Technical Activities site.

Technical Activities is a very important leg of every technical association, IEEE and ITSS in particular. Most of us, we are technicians, engineers, scientists, professors, etc. within a wide

range of topics related to Intelligent Transportation.

Technical Activities are all the collective activities that we organize as an association, such as Special Sessions, Workshops or Tutorials, at conferences; Public Demos; Disseminate Activities, to let the Big Public be aware of what’s the buzz at ITS; Challenges or Competitions; Summer Schools and more. As volunteers, we like to contribute to the community dedicating some of our time to organize all of that, because we like it!

Here we have the structure of all the Technical Activities we organize in a number of of Technical Committees (TCs).

We have an annual meeting, typically during our ITSS Flagship conference ITSC, where we discuss strategy, share best practices and plans for the coming year. In that meeting we share the yearly report and we plan for the next year.

Also, we give an award in a yearly basis to the most active Technical Committee.

All our Technical Committees’ Chairs are prestigious well know researchers and practitioners, that were or will soon be elected by the ITS Society members community. Please, see below the on-going plans and past activity of every one of our our Technical Committees! Feel free to contact them or me for engaging our thrilling mission.

We also have the Special Interest Groups where in a bit more flexible way new rising topics are also considered for the development of technical activities around them.

Technical Committees

Special Interest Groups: