SDA-TC Co-chairs and contacts



Short description of SDA-TC

Scope and topics to be covered
1. Sensors
Video Sensors
Radar Sensors
Other Vehicular Sensors

2. Perception & Scene Understanding
Static Scene Perception
Moving Object Detection and Tracking
Mapping, Self Localization and Odometry
Learning Methods for Perception & Scene Understanding
Information Fusion

3. Motion Planning and Control
Scene Prediction
Maneuver Decision
Path and Trajectory Planning
Motion Control

4. Human Factors for Self Driving Automobiles
5. Risk Assessment, Testing and Evaluation
6. Standardization for Self Driving Automobiles

Work Plan for 2018

In the first year after inauguration of the TC, the goals are the following:
1. Formation of the Committee, invitation and acceptance of committee members
At least 8 committee members are sought for the first year. A regular communication and
meeting schedule will be established. One meeting will take place at IV or ITSC. ideas for
future activities will be gathered.
2. Generating Public Awareness for the committee
Installing a website, announcement in the ITS Magazine and ITS newsletter
3. At least on Workshop will be organized on Self Driving Automobiles at IV or ITSC.

Committee Members List

The TC shall be open to the ITS Community. However, the following people shall actively be

  • Tancut Acarman, Univ. Istanbul, Turkey
  • Matthias Althof, Univ. Munich, Germany
  • Mohammad Biglarbegin, Univ. Guelp, Canada
  • Phillippe Bonnifait, Univ. Compiegne, France
  • Alberto Broggi, Vislab, Italy
  • Klaus Dietmayer, Univ. Ulm, Germany
  • Lutz Eckstein, Univ. Aachen, Germany
  • Andreas Geiger, ETH Zurich, Switzerland
  • Jeff Johnson, Intel, USA
  • Stephanie Lefevre, Daimler, USA
  • Javier Sanchez Medina, Univ. Gran Canaria, Spain
  • Sergiu Nedveschi, Univ. Cluj, Romania
  • Jeff Ota, Intel, USA
  • Miguel Angel Sotelo, Univ. Alcala, Spain
  • Christoph Stiller, KIT, Germany
  • Mohan Trivedi, Univ. San Diego, USA
  • Moritz Werling, BMW, Germany

Several of these experts may not be available themselves but propose a team leader from their
lab. Christoph Stiller will be a candidate for the TC chair. However, many experts from this group
could serve in this position.